Toddler Stickers Book✨

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  • Cross-border Fun DIY: Let your child's imagination run wild with our fascinating DIY sticker book, featuring animals, dinosaurs, and princesses.

  • Focus on Attention and Creativity: Our sticker book is designed to enhance focus and creativity in children. With various stickers for eyes, mouths, ears, and accessories, they can create endless combinations and designs.

  • Eco-friendly and High-Quality: Made from environmentally friendly materials, our sticker book promotes early education and puzzle-solving skills. It ensures safe and long-lasting fun for your child.

  • Machine-cut Stickers: No more worries about uneven or crooked cuts. Each sticker is precisely machine-cut, ensuring perfect shapes and easy application.

  • Versatile Usage: These stickers can be applied to various flat surfaces, allowing your child's creativity to shine on notebooks, laptops, and more. 


  • Backing: White

  • Tensile Strength: Strong

  • Long-term temperature resistance: -5-80 degrees Celsius

  • Thickness: 75# (mm)


  • 1* Toddler Stickers Book 

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